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Our Answer to Managing Benefits Administration
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Benefits Administration Made Easy

benefitexpress' flagship product is the My Benefit ExpressTM ("MBE") platform, a multi-tenant, cloud-based suite of branded SaaS solutions that provides mid - large employers a full range of integrated benefits administration services, the vast majority of which are proprietary to benefitexpress.

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We Provide a System That Makes Your Benefits Administration EASY

Today's HR professionals are consumed with high-cost, low-value activities. benefitexpress reverses the paradigm so HR is engaged with high-value and strategic activities directly related to your core business.

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My Benefit Express Efficient Clock

One Stop Benefit Shop

My Benefit ExpressTM streamlines the process of enrollment by allowing you to manage all of your company information in one convenient location. Your employees and HR managers can access it at any time from any computer with internet access.

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benefitexpress Goes Green

Stop distributing reams of paper describing your employee benefit plans, company policies, procedures, or other important information. Use My Benefit ExpressTM as your environmentally friendly, online, automated solution.

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My Benefit Express Secure Lock


Have the peace of mind knowing your company information is handled in a safe and secure location.

My Benefit Express Multilingual


My Benefit ExpressTM has the ability to provide your employees with the option to choose to display their MBE account in English or Spanish. This increased flexibility can help communicate with diverse populations providing confidence and independence in the enrollment, plan, and benefit decisions employees are making.

My Benefit Express Multilingual

The Complete Benefits Administration Process All in One Place

When the benefits enrollment process is complete for annual enrollment, as well as ongoing new hire and life events enrollment, we finish by sending the enrollment information where it needs to go - to your payroll and to your vendors!

Fully Customizable

My Benefit Express Customization

My Benefit ExpressTM can be easily customized with your corporate branding requirements (company colors, logo, images, etc.) - making a potentially stressful situation a smooth transition from your organization to ours.

Features of Our Online Benefits Enrollment System Include:

  • Capturing and tracking all employee benefit elections including new hire, life events and annual enrollment
  • Online benefits enrollment and real-time content management
  • Employer-specific set-up that drives what each employee sees when they enroll or access My Benefit ExpressTM
  • User-friendly, rules-based, benefit plan setup capabilities
  • Email notifications for all events, change requests, and pending benefit situations
  • Efficient and complete census, dependent, beneficiary, and emergency contact information collection with complete audit history of changes
  • Current "quick-election" confirmation summary for employees not making any changes
  • Virtual enrollment status bar
  • Quick data import and export tools
  • Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form generator and tracking tool
  • Automated EOI according to all possible EOI rules, including guarantee issue provisions
  • Unlimited hyperlinks from any location on the site
  • Employee education tools including automated plan comparison, calculator(s) and streaming media