ALEX Does Healthcare Reform

Helping Your Employees Make Informed Decisions
Covers All You Need to Know About Health Care Reform
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Money Saving Pointers

From heading to an Urgent Care Center instead of an ER to joining a pharmacy's Discount Rx Program, ALEX gives your employees practical tips that help them keep their out-of-pocket costs down.

Engaging Content

Unlike a video or - gasp! - a PowerPoint, ALEX engages employees in a fun, memorable conversation. The whole experience takes only a few minutes, and because ALEX is interactive, employees actually remember what they learn.

Who Is ALEX and What Does He Want to Talk About?

By day, ALEX is a virtual benefits counselor. He's helped millions of employees make more informed decisions about their health insurance options. How? By translating benefits jargon into language real people can understand. And now he's tackling healthcare reform. What a guy!

ALEX Medical

What Questions Can ALEX Answer?

  • What's an exchange? What's a marketplace? What's the difference?
  • What plans are available to me? How do I compare them?
  • What's the deal with this metal tier business?
  • What's the difference between the exchange and employer-sponsored insurance?
  • Am I eligible to save money with subsidies?
  • How has Medicaid changed? Who's accepting it now? Why do I care?
  • What is a "guaranteed issue" thingy?
  • What's the individual mandate?

Customized Cheat-Sheet for Your Employees

And because that's a lot to chew on, ALEX leaves each employee with a customized-cheat sheet of summarized points to refer back to later.

ALEX explains it so employers don't have to. Equipped with all that useful knowledge, employees will feel confident making the decisions they need to make. This means they won't be calling into their HR departments trying to figure out what to do. Which then means that staff in the HR departments can stay focused on the other critical elements of their job.

ALEX Video Walkthrough

For more information and pricing on ALEX, you can contact Stacy Ryan:
Phone: 847-463-7921

ALEX Does HCR Includes:

  • The Jellyvision Lab keeps a close eye on information released by the Department of Labor, IRS, and industry news sources for any important changes.
  • Should you encounter any technical issues, you may call the ALEX Does HCR Help Desk or email the support team.
  • The tool is designed to let you add custom messaging to the summary page, which is a great place to highlight any additional information.
  • Closed Captioning is available for both English and Spanish versions for no additional charge.

Product Specifications:

ALEX Speech Bubbles
ALEX Speech Bubbles

Flash Conversation

The Flash based interactive Conversation features a virtual host, "ALEX". There will be an option to view the Flash version in Spanish. ALEX explains the 2014 Affordable Care Act (ACA) to company employees with an emphasis on how the changes to the laws may affect the ways in which they can acquire health insurance.

ALEX Document

Summary Page

At the conclusion of the Flash and mobile versions of the Conversation, the employee may elect to have ALEX send them an email link to their Summary Page which will contain a summary of the information discussed and a link to their state Exchange and Medicaid program (if applicable).

ALEX Document
ALEX Host Cloud
ALEX Host Cloud


The module will be hosted via a dedicated URL. The client will be provided with IT support as it relates to performance and/or access issues and a Troubleshooting Guide which addresses the most common network related issues.

ALEX Analytics


Once every two weeks, clients will be provided with Web analytic reports via email. These Excel-based reports will contain the number of total visits to the Conversation, the number of unique visits to the Conversation, quantitative ALEX Does HCR survey results, and ALEX Does HCR survey verbatim comments.

ALEX Analytics
ALEX Marketing Kit
ALEX Marketing Kit

Marketing Kit

The client will be provided with materials to help promote ALEX Does HCR with employees. The kit includes a communications best-practice and demo guide, an FAQs guide for the HR department, a copy describing and encouraging employees to visit the module, guides for demoing the module to employees, and materials for online promotion.